A right rum do

The modern day meaning of ‘rum’ in the phrase ‘a right rum do’ is an adjective meaning ‘odd’ or ‘strange’. However in the 16th century when the term was coined it meant ‘excellent’ or ‘great’, which we feel describes our Wensleydale Spiced Rum. Rum is all about provenance, mystery, and history, and so we are happy to lean on the historical roots of a phrase that is synonymous with Yorkshire. Wensleydale Spiced Rum is truly a “Right Rum Do” as it says on our label!

The Label

Take a closer look at the label on our Wensleydale Spiced Rum, and you will see residing in the art deco styling the fells of the Yorkshire Dales and the impressive viaducts that criss-cross the area. The main theme of the spiced rum is also reflected in the dark brown background colours (the cocoa) and the copper orange of the detailing and logo (the mandarin zest).

The eagle-eyed will also be able to see the odd mandarin segment and cocoa bean around the edges.

The label was created by two up and coming Yorkshire Dales-based designers, Laura Cloughton and James Peacock.

A rum with a difference

Wensleydale Spiced Rum is distilled, not compounded, and believe us the difference in quality is like chalk and cheese.

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