Wensleydale Spirit Company

The Wensleydale Spirit Company is a proud producer of world-class craft spirits in the Yorkshire Dales. We have one key focus, and that is to produce high-quality spirits that represent our region of North Yorkshire, and which can stand alongside other leading global Yorkshire brands.

The Wensleydale Spirit Company produces the Taplin & Mageean premium craft gin collection, Wensleydale Spiced Rum, and Tusky Vodka from its distillery in Leyburn in the heart of Wensleydale. The distillery occupies a 200-year old building on the platform of Leyburn railway station, still used as a heritage line for visitors to luxuriate in the splendour of the Yorkshire Dales.

Yorkshire is our passion, and our growing spirit range is renowned for its quality and our meticulous attention to detail. We have won numerous awards, and continue to develop new drinks that are crafted in and reflect the sense of the Yorkshire Dales.

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